You were of course their prisoner from the start

After spending 5 hours as a willing prisoner of three wonderful dominant ladies at theFacility event, I want to thank all concerned for their hard work and attention to detail. For anyone thinking of attending in future, I won’t provide a step-by-step account, as I think it’s more exciting not to know exactly what happens on arrival. But I will say that the organisation for the event was excellent, with initial queries answered promptly, and very clear directions and instructions for a discreet and easy to reach venue. Once there, prisoners were under the control of three very attractive ladies: Goddess CleoMiss Haley Bond and Goddess ArielGoddess Cleo was very clearly in charge, and can be effortlessly intimidating when she chooses to be, but my main Warder was the stunningMiss Haley. You were of course their prisoner from the start, and fully under their control. While it took a bit of getting used to the fact that you could hear other prisoners being moved around and dealt with, sometimes very close in the next-door cell, the activities were carefully planned so that you never actually saw your fellow prisoners, being kept separate and moved around hooded or blindfolded. The ladies took time to ask your likes and limits, and so having said that I was fond of CP, I ended up getting a sound and very enjoyable caning from Miss Haley, alternating some biting strokes with the wonderful touch of her hand. She also seemed very much to be enjoying her work throughout the afternoon: it’s always a bonus if the lady dominating and beating you seems to be having fun too! There were also long periods of contemplation in your cell inbetween being moved or played with, so that it was easy to completely lose track of time and have no idea how much of your ‘sentence’ was left. For anyone interested in this kind of a prison fantasy, I’d recommend booking a long enough sentence so that you can truly get into the feeling of being held at the pleasure of your Warders. A lot of trouble has clearly been taken to set up the Facility, with new cages and straitjackets among the equipment available, so if being held under the control of a set of dominant women is your thing, get in touch with Domina Parties and  you won’t be disappointed.”

Prisoner D6903″ – September 2016

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