You are under no illusion that you are now her plaything…

Having waited literally a couple of years to pluck up the courage to contact Miss Hayley, I finally saw an opportunity and took the plunge. The back and forth communication about the session was brilliant and I was pleasantly surprised/thrilled that she granted me the honour of serving her.  

I was left full of excited/nervous anticipation for the next week… 

As soon Miss Hayley opened the door to me I was struck by her seamless natural beauty and warm, relaxed, yet intensely captivating demeaner. 

She wears a beautiful yet playfully sadistic smile and effortlessly extrudes an air of natural feminine dominance.  

Without her having to say a word you are under no illusion that you are now her plaything to use how she sees fit, when you look into her eyes it is evident that she will not be accepting anything less!  

Unlike some other Dommes there is no acting with Miss Hayley, who you see in front of you is the real her. Instead of the session being a scripted act, she plays herself and everything that so happens both is and feels completely real. 

 Our session started by her giving me a glass of ice-cold water (I suspected I would need it) and a quick chat. Shortly after I was collared, cuffed and placed firmly on the floor beneath her. Miss Hayley’s painfully beautiful feet were removed from her Gym shoes (that she had been wearing for hours) and quickly thrust upon my now helpless face. After completing the foot worship duties she demanded of me, I was again secured and then tickle tortured mercilessly until left gasping for air, a tormented sweaty mess.  

As you look up at her grinning smile you can see her mind mischievously ticking over; plotting ever more ways to torment you…. But like anything great it all came to an end far too quickly. 

 Once you have served Miss Hayley it is difficult to imagine serving anyone else, her understanding of kink is amazing, and she comes across as effortlessly natural. She is just simply phenomenal. 

Miss Hayley, I earnestly hope to be able to serve you again very soon! 


Phil – August 2020  

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