Ms Hayley particularly loved pumping the air out of my lungs…

Foot fetish parties are pretty rare so I was excited to discover that Goddess Cleo was hosting an event, with four stunning Mistresses focused entirely on activities below the ankle. The location was easy to find, clean and spacious. My fellow foot worshipers were a very pleasant group of regular guys, who just happen to love female feet.

I had intended to only stay for an hour or two, however I was having so much fun that the three hours just flew past. As well as spending ample time worshipping the Goddesses feet, I was fortunate enough to have two fantastic extended trample sessions with Ms Hayley Bond and Mistress Kalyss Mercury.

I thought in my many years of trampling I had tried everything, however both Mistresses brought their own individual styles and sent me into my happy place beneath their feet and heels. Ms Hayley particularly loved pumping the air out of my lungs as she jumped up and down on my chest. Mistress Kalyss used me as her yoga mat as  she practised her poses, demonstrating her incredible strength and balance as she stood on top of me. I could only look up and admire the fantastic view.

I really hope Goddess Cleo makes these foot parties a regular event and I will be first in line for the next one.

Thanks again

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