Miss Hayley is absolutely beautiful, but clearly she was not in the mood to allow me any privileges

I have just served a spellbinding and humbling sentence at the Facility. Having served at several detention parties in the past I thought I knew what I was in for, but the wardens at the Facility turned out to be more teasing, strict and demanding than even I was expecting.

I arrived a little late so Goddess Cleo wasted no time in taking control of her prisoner, informing me that I was henceforth to be known only as Prisoner 6904, and demanding I hand over the key to my chastity cage. Pushing me into a cell she took great delight in passing the key to her beautiful accomplice, Miss Hayley Bond, who took equal pleasure in hanging them around her neck. Miss Hayley is absolutely beautiful, but clearly she was not in the mood to allow me any privileges as she hooded me, cuffed my hands behind me, and locked the cell door with an evil laugh. And so the punishment started, and continued for five hours with a steadily increasing intensity. At one point when I asked for the cuffs to be loosened, Miss Hayley gladly obliged, only to clip the cuff to the cell door so I could not get comfortable again. Then the cuffs were removed and I was placed in a straight jacket, then I was hooded and moved to a small cage to continue my sentence. The cage was within earshot of other prisoners receiving their punishment, but the covers in the room made it impossible to see what was happening. Eventually, I was informed that my release was dependent on good behaviour, regardless of the level of punishment, and that I would be tested in this regard. What followed was a brilliantly humiliating period of teasing, tickling and torture. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was just the right level for me, and I soon found myself begging to be ticked less and punished more, and my tormentors were happy to oblige. Finally, lace knickers trailing round ankles and still trapped in the straight jacket, I was led back to the cell to tidy myself up and await parole.

I’m very happy to report that my release was granted after five hours. No conditions were placed on my freedom, but I think it is inevitable that I will find myself back in the Facility very soon.

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