Miss Hayley Bond continued my blissful torment

“I have just attended my first Multi-Mistress Party and cannot recommend it highly enough. Kneeling before Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond I was excited by the prospect of submitting to these beautiful dommes and immediately put at ease. They listened to our individual likes and dislikes and careful attention was given to these throughout the party.

My own experience surpassed my hopes. With extended CBT that had me on edge throughout with attention from all three wonderful Mistresses. After being released from my straight-jacket I was hooded by Mistress Aleera who then tied my cock and balls, edged me with vibrating pegs and finished with some wonderful cock slapping. Goddess Cleo, with her mischievous smile, edged me further whilst also pegging my cock and balls. I then put in the vibrating butt plug I had taken and Miss Hayley Bond continued my blissful torment. With her tickling and facesitting I was frustrated further. A vibrating shell was then fitted to my cock and I was in heaven with the torment and on edge for what felt an eternity.

After then cooling down and thanking these three Superior Women for the wonderful experience I left happily with my blue balls.

The later release as I relived the experience from memory was my personal reward.

I hope to attend another party soon and explore further delights of BDSM.”

Paul, Beautifully Destroyed – January 2017

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