Legs to die for!

I just want to say a quick thank you for the session and really appreciate you allowing me to session with you, it was an honour.

I felt very relaxed straight away and you are very easy to talk to, which always helps for the first time meeting each other.

I genuinely had no idea of the time, which in my eyes is fantastic as you have obviously taken me to sub space.

Well where do I start with the session? As soon as I set my eyes on you after opening the door, I was in dreamland! Not only are you gorgeous but your long legs just look so incredibe in my weakness for black opaque tights. Slowly following you down the stairs, staring at your legs in gorgeous tights, you knew you had me and there was not a thing I could do about it, I was all yours to do with as you pleased.

To have the privilege to kiss and worship your legs in your tights was such an honour, and I hope the little massages helped after your half marathon. Having your legs over my shoulders and squeezing my little neck and head, was such an exciting and vulnerable feeling, you could literally have crushed me until I passed out, legs to die for as they say and what a way it would have been to go!

I actually loved being restrained, whether it was with the rope and belt or the straight jacket, loved being so vulnerable for you, to be your plaything.

Being vulnerable and having my nipples tormented by you was amazing, I definitley think you could crank it up the next time (if you allow me back to session).

Worshipping your legs, tights, feet and boots, I could do that until my lips fall off! Your amazing legs go on forever and are so powerful Mistress!

Hopefully next time you get to pound my slutty ass, but I understand I need to have to be cleaned for this to happen. Making me wear slutty panties for your amusement and my humiliation, just shows that I was willing to be degraded and humilated all for your amusement and to make you laugh and smile.

Loved the nipple torment and the electrics, maybe my body was too warm for them to have the desired effect straightaway.

I am glad we tried the rebreather bag, it let me know a limit. I actually loved the gag and nose hook, felt quite humiliating. Also, after you put hoods on and said I look like a gimp, started wondering what it would be like to be dressed as a gimp for you, just there to grunt and moan for your amusement.

Thank you so much for allowing me a release, it was incredible to do so whilst you were sitting on my face in those amazing tights. Then make me eat some cum like the pathetic slut I am.

Loved every minute and hope you had fun also Mistress.

You really are incredible, half marathon then have the energy to session afterwards!

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