I couldn’t help but notice Miss Hayley Bond’s stunning legs as I followed her down the corridor

“I arrived at the Facility slightly late. Although I had texted ahead to apologise, I was apprehensive as I rang the bell. I was buzzed in and made my way downstairs where I was met by the wonderfully stern Goddess Cleo who reminded me that I was late. I apologised again and Goddess Cleo prodded me with a truncheon down a darkly lit corridor and into a large room. There I was met by Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. Mistress Aleera was dressed in a catsuit and heavy boots and Miss Hayley Bond in a shortish black skirt, opaque tights and high heels. Both looked stunning.

Goddess Cleo came into the room behind me and ordered me to strip and put my clothes on a bench. I started to undress and was immediately chastised for being too slow. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and, as instructed, stood with my hands on my head. I was given my prisoner number (070313) and told to memorise it. It was also written on my left thigh although, as I was to spend the entire time wearing a hood, it was clear I was going to have to comply with the command to remember it.

I was put into a straight-jacket and hooded. I was then led to my first cell by Miss Hayley Bond. Although I was hooded, the material was not so thick that I could not see shapes and I couldn’t help but notice Miss Hayley Bond’s stunning legs as I followed her down the corridor. Once we reach the cell, I was ordered to sit on a sofa and then left, the barred cell door being locked behind me and a curtain pulled across to block any vision I might have had of what lay behind.

There I was to stay for what seemed like hours. Throughout I was conscious of other prisoners in adjoining cells and I could hear some being taken away and punished. Each impact was audible in the distance and made me feel apprehensive about what was to come.

Subsequently, Miss Hayley Bond unlocked my cell door and asked me for my prisoner number. I was then taken to a second cell and ordered to face the wall. I was then spanked, with the blows becoming harder and harder. It was delicious to know that such a beautiful mistress was punishing me and so that it was a pleasure even though it hurt.

I was then locked away and made to sit on a small wooden chair. Opposite me was what appeared (through my hood) to be a small sofa and for the next hour I couldn’t quite get out of my mind a hope that Mistress would return, sit on the sofa and make me kneel before her and worship her heels. Even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, it was hard to put out of my mind given that I was on my own in the dark with only the yelps of other prisoners to keep me company. The experience of being locked in solitary confinement develops a deep feeling of submissiveness and every time you hear someone in the distance, you hope it is a mistress coming to collect you. Those hopes are almost invariably dashed.

At one stage, as I heard another prisoner being punished, Goddess Cleo suddenly pulled back the curtain to my cell and asked me if I could hear what “they were doing”. When I confirmed that I could, she told me that I was next with a mischievous laugh. A short time later, Goddess Cleo duly collected me and led me into a room containing a cage, a whipping bench and, most importantly, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. My hood was removed and I could see all three beautiful mistresses. Whilst Goddess Cleo decided on what punishment I was to receive, I confessed to Mistress Aleera my foot worship fantasy and she made me kneel before her and look at her boots whilst I awaited Goddess Cleo’s decision.

Goddess Cleo decided that I was to remain in my straight-jacket. I was bent over the whipping bench and Mistress Aleera spanked me, then paddled me and then flogged me. Goddess Cleo joined in so that I was being spanked by two mistresses at the same time. Although it hurt, it was also delicious to be punished by such a beautiful Mistress whilst being watched by two more. Goddess Cleo let me look at her boots and on one occasion, Miss Hayley Bond made me sniff her foot. Bliss.

Once the punishment had finished, I was locked in a cage to reflect on my sins. I was then paroled on condition I wrote this testimonial. I will return at the first opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.

Prisoner Number 070313″ The Facility, London – February 2017

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