I could feel the pain with every stretch of my thighs…

I was nervous waiting to for my time at the facility/extended bondage event. I’d decided that in my pointless job no-one would notice if I nicked off for the afternoon, so that’s what I did. I wanted to try something a little outside my comfort zone. When I got inside I was told to strip and put into a strait jacket. This was great as I was a bit chilly and the strait jacket was rather warm. I was then hooded and locked in a dark cell for a while with my thoughts. I was checked on occasionally by a mistress to see how I was doing. Eventually I needed the loo so asked to go and was returned to the cell in handcuffs. Shortly after I was moved into another room and the three mistresses set to work on me with some hefty kicks to the legs. I was then told to kneel and lick Miss Haley’s strap-on. I set to work on this and after a short while I had it right down my throat. I was gagging somewhat but keen to push myself to take as much as I could. I’ve a clear memory of Miss Haley thrusting away and giggling! I was then asked to bend over a bench and subjected to some CP. I’d never done this before and really enjoyed it. It was unfortunate that I could only take light marks. The initial pain was followed by a warm feeling which was very enjoyable. I was then led into another space where I could hear the mistresses working on the next two prisoners. I was losing the feeling in my hands as they were cuffed wide apart above my body. It entertaining listening to the mistresses doing their thing. I was then moved back to a cell for a short while before some goodbye CP which included a bit of caning and some trampling and penis slapping. I had to rush off and play football. After about 20 minutes I was a bit spent and my legs started to ache where they had been kicked by the mistresses. I had a yoga class the next day and when I walked in, I was a tad confused and almost took my clothes off. I could feel the pain with every stretch of my thighs and spent all the meditation thinking of my kinky secret. It was a great taster and I’m craving more! Thank you to all three mistresses!”

B, The Facility – April 2017

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