I cheekily thought I would see if I could wriggle off her knee. But I couldn’t.

“I am writing as I still feel elated from a session with the gorgeous Miss Hayley Bond.  Let me tell you of my experiences.

I arrived on time to find Miss Hayley already waiting for me at the designated meeting place.   She greeted me warmly and I was taken in by her charming personality.  She laughs and smiles all the time and is so nice that you would never believe she was a dominatrix!    She is also very tall and creates a stunning figure, being very beautiful.

After we reached the studio, Miss Hayley sat down with me and offered me some water and some Haribo sweets.  She then asked me about my experiences and limits and (I think) tried to calm me down a bit as I was nervous.   We then began the session.

I had an interest in cross dressing, which interested Miss Hayley so she had a selection of clothing for me to try on, including some tights.  After this she put me over her knee for a spanking.   After a while I cheekily thought I would see if I could wriggle off her knee. But I couldn’t. Miss Hayley is very strong, probably from all her exercise.  Because I tried to wriggle off, she spanked harder than ever!

Then it was time for more CP in the form of the cane.  This is when I learned that Miss Hayley can definitely dish out pain when she wants to!  I was shrieking throughout.

Following the session, I was offered a chocolate bar and another drink. Miss Hayley was concerned about me as I had entered subspace and wanted to make sure I was ok.  She also emailed me after the session to check on me.  I would highly recommend her as a Dominatrix as she is very professional, but also looks after her subs.

slave m – June 2021


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