But don’t be fooled by all of this, she can be harsh too

“Mere words cannot possibly describe Miss Hayley Bond.

If you read Miss Hayley’s reviews, you will find plenty of references to her “mesmerising beauty”, her “playful, innocent and mischievous smile”, and how she will “captivate you and bring her under your spell”.  All of this is true of course, and I have to be honest and say that “she had me at hello”.  But to stop there would simply not do justice to this incredible young domme, because she is also highly intelligent, eloquent, creative , instinctive…  Quite simply she is unlike any other I have had the pleasure to meet before, or probably will do again.

Miss Hayley is clearly highly talented, and appears to genuinely enjoy what she does.  But what really stands out for me is the way in which she seems keen to genuinely understand the needs and desires of her subjects.  Unlike many pro-dommes I think you see the real her, and that makes her so easy to talk to.  She will soon have your whole life story out of you if you are not on your guard, and this makes her able to relax the most nervous (or stressed) of visitors; I have watched her be just the same with others too.  This also makes it easy for her to tease out of you all of your darkest secrets and desires.

But don’t be fooled by all of this, she can be harsh too (if that’s what she senses you need), cutting you down with just a few words, and won’t be afraid to impose on you those deepest desires that she will just have teased out of your mouth .

I have now had the privilege of meeting Miss Hayley on four occasions, in a mixture of Domina Parties events and in private session.  I needn’t cover the activities she does, or the skill with which she undertakes them; suffice it to say that every visit stands out.  She knows how to take you a little further all the time, but always to leaving you wanting more…

So, a word of warning on your journey traveler.  It won’t really matter how strong willed you think you are, or how much you think you will remain in control or be able to resist; once you have met Hayley Bond you will hand over that control, and soon find yourself begging to be back in her presence again.  I might say you should turn back while you still can… but then if you carry on, I guarantee you won’t regret it…

With thanks to you as ever Miss Bond.”

Elmo – Oct 2017

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