Being Miss Hayley Bond’s pet

Miss Hayley Bond is the most gorgeous dominatrix I have ever seen in a professional capacity, and it is not an exaggeration! I had the priviledge of being Miss Hayley Bond’s pet and Her play thing. She is so skilled and talented in the art of domination and humiliation and quickly had me on all fours crawling on the floor like a puppy, desperate to please Her and show Her devotion.

After a few playful and humiliating activities Miss Hayley Bond ordered me to fill up Her dog bowl and place it by Her divine Feet, which She so graciously soaked in the water I was to drink. Once She was satisfied that my water was fully blended with Her divine Foot sweat, She commanded me to drink while I groveled before her on all fours, and I thoroughly obeyed. As I drank from my dog bowl, with Her beautiful Foot still in the water, She reminded me of my place as Her obedient puppy and that I was not permitted to drink from any cups (for humans only!) or from Her dog bowl without Her permission. It was a session full of tiring play and activities for me which made me so thirsty..and each time I needed water I was commanded to beg and bark, and to my upmost excitement and gratitude Miss Hayley Bond would not let me drink unless Her divine Feet were in the bowl, a reminder of my place as Her devoted puppy and that I belonged to Her.

I only wish I could drink from Her dog bowl forever, my adoration for Miss Hayley Bond has yet to subsist and I can only hope She accepts me for another session soon!

Arf arf!

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