After some time (I’d lost track of time completely by this point)

Having read previous testimonials for The Facility, I felt this was a great opportunity to experience long term incarceration. I arrived in the morning and was met by the wardens at the bottom of the stairs. I was ordered to strip and kneel before I was put in a straitjacket, hooded and led to a cell. Over the next hour (ish), I heard other prisoners arriving and being incarcerated. The wardens would pass through regularly to rattle the keys and run their truncheons along the bars of the cells to a great intimidating effect.

After some time (I’d lost track of time completely by this point) Miss Hayley Bond entered the cell and removed my hood before a drink of water and a brief face slapping. Shortly after that I was transferred to a cage. From there I could hear the wardens abusing a prisoner with their strap-ons a few moments later, Goddess Cleo removed my hood and allowed me to suck her strap-on.
Throughout the rest of the day I was moved to different cells and abused by the wardens, the highlight of which was Mistress Aleera inflicting CBT with her boot whilst also torturing my nipples which left me in a rather dizzying state. All of the time I could hear other prisoners being dealt with which added to the feeling of fear and anticipation.
Nearing the end of my incarceration I was taken to a room where Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond treated me to boot worship, some humiliation and spanking. Exhausted after spending the full day at the warden’s pleasure I was allowed to reflect on my sentence in a straitjacket back in a cell before being released.
I would like to thank Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond for a fantastic time. I cannot recommend this event enough to anyone who has read previous testimonials and finds themselves curious to experience a long term imprisonment.
Joe (Prisoner 070301)” The Facility, London – February 2017

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