Her feet are so lovely – strong with fine arches, shapely toes and super soft skin. A privilege to worship.

“A day after my first session with Miss Hayley Bond, I am still feeling elated. A submissive male with a weakness for women’s feet, I knew of Miss Hayley Bond through her Twitter account, and her website.

Requesting and booking the session by email was very easy. Miss Hayley was approachable and friendly, taking care to understand my reasons for applying, and my longings and weaknesses which she would exploit in session so effectively!

Despite my age (mid 60s) and experience, I still get nervous before presenting myself to a dominant woman. Meeting Miss Hayley was a delight. She is beautiful, radiant, with a confident personality. Her charm and friendliness during our initial chat ensured that I quickly opened myself up to her.  

I had asked for a foot worship session, especially keen to worship Miss Hayley’s sweaty feet, having never worshipped feet in that condition. She did not disappoint, having kindly exercised hard in the gym, walking there and back, prior to the session. She was wearing tight leggings, old gym shoes and ankle socks which had been on her feet without a break for hours.

Introduction over, Miss Hayley ordered me down to the floor, naked, to grovel in my new place, where I gladly obeyed her instruction to worship her feet. It was a wonderful feeling, repeatedly kissing Miss’s well-worn old shoes, both tops and bottoms, while she towered above, issuing instructions. She enjoyed pressing her free foot down hard on my back, my neck and my head, standing heavily on my hands, to ensure I fully understood that my place was now forever beneath her.

Later, lying on my back, hands roped together, I experienced the full glory of Miss Hayley’s pungent feet fresh out of gym shoes, first in damp socks, and then gloriously bare. Her feet are so lovely – strong with fine arches, shapely toes and super soft skin. A privilege to worship. It was hard rewarding work, I think I managed eventually to clean all the sweat off Miss Hayley’s feet, using my eager tongue and lips.

The Mistress/slave dynamic between us seemed to bloom naturally. I became an adoring old servant, utterly devoted to his beautiful young Queen, who thoroughly enjoyed herself humiliating and tormenting her aged vassal, which only increased his passionate helpless devotion.

Miss Hayley’s physicality and assertive, mischievous, character continued to subdue and thrill me throughout. She is tall, athletic and physically very strong. Although I am not a small man, she could easily overpower me, beat me up, and make me helpless if she wanted, which adds a real spark to the joy of submitting consensually to her will.  

When at the end I asked Miss Hayley Bond whether she would allow me to return to serve her again the smile on her face, when she graciously granted me permission, lit up my old-servant soul like fireworks in the night sky!”

 old Servant – March 2022

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